Rachel Fay
Works on Paper - UpdatedWorks on Canvas and BoardDyed and Sewn Works
I tell myself that what I am making is ridiculous – there is less pressure that way. It enables me to make unexpected, uncomfortable decisions more often within the piece. Sometimes, it’s just too serious to take seriously, you know?
Paintings are dirty and messy and bumpy. Although I have a love of smooth, flat, creamy, sexy shapes, I do not always feel the need to scrape off bumps, or hide brush strokes. They are there; it just is. They’re most likely from the horrible painting underneath anyway, and although I hated it enough to paint over it I’m not going to deny that it happened. Sometimes I make stupid paintings.
I always want to make paintings that leave the audience with a subtle sense of unease, or an itch to scratch.

Rachel Fay graduated from SAIC in 2010 with a BFA in painting.